West Branch Fire Department

West Branch/Skandia Fire Department was established in 1963 with all volunteer firefighters to fight structural and woodland fires within West Branch Township. It was founded following several fires in the Skandia area. One of the greatest historical losses, because of lag time waiting for help, was the old Pioneer School. Before the fire department was established, the township was incurring the expense of $200 per call whether for an actual emergency or false alarm.
From the opening in 1963 to 1999 there has only been one injury has occurred. In 1963, a head injury was suffered from a thrashing hose during the first training session. 
For years the department has entertained community children with a visit by Santa who brings candy and listens to Christmas wishes of children.
The Skandia/West Branch Firefighters are a championship team, not only on the job, but in the annual Firefighters Tournaments. In 1993 our department won first place at the 99th Annual U.P. Firefighters Tournament. Their trophy cabinet at the station is filled with various awards and trophies earned at these events.
Skandia/West Branch Township Fire Department is always looking for new firefighters to join the department. If this is something you would like to do to help protect your community, contact us at wbtwp@tds.net.

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