Hello West Branch Township Residents! We REALLY need your help!
Your township is seeking election workers. It’s a wonderful way to contribute to your community, meet your neighbors, and help out where we really could use the support right now. Please contact the township hall at 906-942-7400 by September 29th to sign up!

Now Hiring:
West Branch Township is looking to fill 3 positions for the Board of Review. The position will call for attending 4 meetings a year. Pay is $11.00 and training will be provided. If interested, please come by the township hall and fill out an application Wednesday 2-7 and Friday 12-5.

West Branch Township had the honor of celebrating the retirement of Fire Chief Dave Gallion and EMT Michele Bahrman on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

The township board would like to thank them for their many years of service to our community. Their dedication will be missed in our township but, we are grateful for their years of service.

Our Team

The West Branch Township Board consists of five members:

  • Supervisor, Jack Heidtman
  • Clerk, Michelle Christal
  • Treasurer, Catherine Shaw
  • Trustee, Tim Overmyer
  • Trustee, Kris Shaw

County Commissioner for District 3:

  • Bill Nordeen


Services offered to West Branch Township residents include:

  • West Branch Township Hall
  • West Branch Township Volunteer Fire Department
  • West Branch Township Transfer Station
  • West Branch Township Cemetery
  • West Branch Township Building and Zoning Permits

Connect with Us

Wednesday: 2:00pm – 7:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm



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For Your Information


All regular & annual meetings will be held at the Township Hall as scheduled.  Social distancing precautions will be followed.

To read the Q&A on Township Considerations for COVID-19 Planning per the Michigan Township Association click here.

Absent Voter Ballots

If you would like to receive an Absent Voter Ballot, send a request with your name and address to  You will be sent an Absent Voter Application.  You may also fill out an Absent Voter Application through this document: Absent Voter Application and send it to the Clerk by mail (P.O. Box 56, Skandia, MI  49885) or email.  Remember, you must complete an application before we are able to mail your ballot.

It’s time to get REAL

Your Michigan driver’s license or identification card may not get you through airport security later this year.

Oct. 1 is when the federal government will fully enforce the post-9/11 REAL ID Act, and standard state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards will no longer be accepted to board domestic flights within the United States, or when entering certain federal facilities, such as military bases or nuclear power plants.

Many people already have a REAL ID document, such as a valid U.S. passport, a DHS Trusted Traveler Card or an Enhanced Driver’s License. A full list of acceptable REAL ID documents is available at Those who don’t can make their Michigan license or identification REAL ID-compliant by visiting a Secretary of State branch office and presenting the required documents. 

Here’s what you need to do to get a REAL ID:​

  • Bring your driver’s license or state identification card to a Secretary of State office.
  • Bring your certified birth certificate, with a raised seal or stamp issued by a governmental agency; your valid, unexpired U.S. passport; or an approved citizenship or legal presence document. (Faxes and photocopies won’t be accepted.)
  • If your name differs from what is on your birth certificate, bring certified documents for every time your name has changed, such as marriage licenses or court orders.

There’s no additional fee to turn a license or state ID card into a standard REAL ID if it’s done during your normal renewal time; otherwise a duplicate card fee of $9 or $10 will be charged.

December, 2019

The Secretary of State recently announced that Michiganders can now register to vote and update their voter registration address in Michigan online at  You must have a valid Michigan driver’s license or state ID card. If you don’t have one, find out how to register to vote by going to Registering To Vote.  Michigan has also implemented automatic voter registrations as part of driver’s license and state ID card transactions at all Michigan Secretary of State offices.

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