• minimum of 5 acres;
  • easy access to major highway to facilitate emergency response;
  • located within townships population center;
  • suitable utilities available—easy access to water system, electrical (3-phase power
    Property Availability Proposals must be received by Skandia West Branch Joint Operations,
    ATTN: Property Proposal, P O Box 291, Skandia, MI 49885
    Signed Proposals must include:
  • seller’s name and address;
  • legal description of property offered;
  • acreage;
  • access and utility availability;
  • added advantages of the property should be included in the proposal.
    Pricing will be negotiated separately if property offered meets Townships needs.
    Sealed proposals will be publicly opened at the West Branch Township Office at 12:30pm on
    Friday, September 1, 2023.

  • Questions may be directed to:
    Jack Heidtman, Supervisor
    West Branch Township Office
    (906) 942-7400